Who we are

World Beacon Technologies brings you a portfolio of cutting edge products that really change the way customers interact with the products and services they love. By pioneering Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) technology, we can provide off the shelf solutions that will let you reach potential and current loyal customers based on their proximity to your establishment, right on their smart device. The uses for our different products are nearly endless, from using SightCompass for indoor mapping to make any environment accessible, to using SmartDiningCompass to display your menu in over 30 languages. Each product comes with a fully built web-based backend that allows you to change information and promotions from anywhere in the world, and make them live in seconds. All of our products work via the World Beacon App that is available on both IOS and Android, or the functionality can be built into your current App via API's. The Bluetooth Low Energy WorldBeacons allow you to reach your target market as they are in your establishment all the way up to a quarter mile radius depending on the product application. Use the vast amount of data generated by your WorldBeacons to assess marketing campaigns and to drive a sustainable competitive advantage.


What can I say, it was helpful to have a description of the bathroom beforehand.

This goes a long way to solving that issue.


App user, CA

The simplicity of the system teaches life and most students already have iPhones.


Assistive Technologist, EU